Rest is resistance. Rest to regain your power. Rest to reconnect. Rest to reflect. Rest & Retreat.

Yoga is always been my rescue. In times of stress, trauma, burn-out it has saved me helped me recover and reconnect. Capitalism and white supremacy has made working hard and burn-out a  norm. Health and wellness is now more about wealth and Hellness. Many yoga teachers and studios promote images of health which makes being skinny, able bodied normal. Promoting a toxic idea of health which is not inclusive and healthy.

I have always resisted this and now a personal experience of what rest can do has motivated me to hold this space for others.

I will facilitate a space for rest. we will practice and become the change we wish to see in the world.

I wish to do it in the Startbahn Church in Herrfurthplatz.

Once a week. 

And once a month also hold rest resist retreat.

A retreat in the city. 3 days (3 hours everyday) 

day 1- a gentle practice with rest.

Day 2- Silent walk in the park. with a meditation 

day 3- healing & reflecting circle. 

It is a donation bases space. because rest is for every body. 

If you are not in Berlin I will record a restful practice so you can also participate.

If you wish to support me and others who need the support you can also donate any amount here Rest. Resist.

Bank: DKB 
IBAN: DE97 1203 0000 1067 6675 90 
Paypal (please choose friends & family option)-

Born in Bombay. Living in Berlin. Yoga teacher. Social Change warrior. Performer. Yoga for personal and social change. Personal is political.

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