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Online Workshop
Yoga & kulturelle Aneignung

  • Wie kann ich Yoga unterrichten, ohne kulturell anzueignen?
  • Wie finde ich einen wertschätzenden, respektvollen Umgang mit den Wurzeln des Yoga?
  • Wie schaffe ich in meinen Klassen einen Raum, der für alle Menschen sicher ist?

Falls du dir diese oder ähnliche Fragen schon einmal gestellt hast, bist du in meinem Workshop Yoga & kulturelle Aneignung richtig. Im Rahmen eines Online-Tagesworkshops setzen wir uns gemeinsam mit der Frage auseinander, wie wir die Weisheit des Yoga nutzen können, um Yoga-Räume zu schaffen, die vielfältig und offen für alle sind.

Der Workshop findet am 08. Januar statt. Wenn du keine Zeit hast, kannst du direkt für die nächste in Januar melden.

How do we decolonize our practices?

Diversity. Inclusion. Yoga for all. These are much more than cool tags to carry. To me it is process. A self-enquiry (Svadhyaya) that might be even uncomfortable to discuss and expose. But it is a necessary step to change. I facilitate spaces, workshops that help us be aware of and challenge or question practices that have been for far too long causing harm and continue to. And this is directly practicing Ahimsa. Practicing Yoga. Being conscious of our actions and the impact they have. Together we create a brave space that helps us recognise and break patterns (samskaras) that do not serve and promote liberation for all. We find ways that colonial supremacy shows up in our practice and learn to undo harm. 

Yoga for queer, trans BIPOC folks

Yoga & Social Justice

Ever since I moved to Berlin in 2013 I have been struggling with certain images and ideas. Ways in which Yoga or India are represented or interpreted. Things that I sometimes notice or feel as an Indian women or a Yoga teacher in Berlin are disturbing. Until now it led to me find ways to dismantle these prejudices in  a community space in my neighbourhood where I was have been doing projects that bring mixed cultures, generations, genders together. However as a Yoga teacher I found it easier to stay away from mainstream studios and do things my own way. So i could teach what I know as Yoga (a holistic practice that is accessible to anyone and everyone) in family centres and a mid-wife practice to avoid the big commercialised Yoga spaces.  But I was still angry and irritated.  It made me question what I find problematic? Where does the problem come from? What are the possible solutions and what tools do I have to arrive at a solution. This is also the core of yoga. And every time in my life I have had problems or looked for answers I have turned to Yoga for help. And it became very clear to me that the Yoga and social justice work that I was involved in, in my my own little way, belonged together.

My own experience in life has always been the first motivation for me to change something. To move. To act. To call out. It has inspired me to dedicate my work to creating spaces that are inclusive, diverse and also sustainable. I am neither a scholar nor a social worker. Just a seeker. A student of yoga for almost 15 years, teaching since 2016.

The Decolonize Yoga sessions are an effort to stop theorising  or criticising what others are doing or not doing. But to actually offer a space for every body that wishes to practice Yoga with respect to its origin. To make it accessible to all. And open a dialogue about cultural appropriation. For anyone who wishes to experience Yoga. 

Atha Yoga-anushasanam- The first Yoga sutra says Unity cannot be imagined or felt, but experienced through practice

This thought is also an inspiration for me to act. To not be annoyed by the false image of Yoga but to act. To experience what Social justice and Yoga actually is like in practice. In a society where Yoga is often equated with flexibility. Or sold as a practice for the privileged. Inaccessible for many. 


Pricing- Sliding scale

6-12 euros per class 

or 50-100 for all sessions

if you cannot pay the amount feel free to write to me. 

If you can pay the full price you are helping me sustain my work and also those who need the support.

I look forward to our practice.

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