We do not just add colour, we bring culture. 

We do not just enrich your world with our cuisine but we nourish you with the recipes of our ancestors. Learn to celebrate this and stop simplifying our food and festivals. 

Calling Eid Zuckerfest or Opferfest is racist. 

We do not just bring beauty into your lives through the colourful fabrics but drape your homes and bodies with  the stories of the folks who have been weaving them for generations.

The joy you feel are not in the objects and artefacts that you buy to decorate and beautify your world, they are a blessing from the hands that crafted them.

And we can learn to value, respect and honour those hands.

We are not people of colour. we are bodies of culture.

If you feel triggered and ask are white bodies not bodies of culture I recommend you read this https://www.resmaa.com/somatic-learnings/bodies-of-culture-and-two-forms-of-soul

Diversity and inclusion will become organic and easy if you learnt to acknowledge the wisdom and richness we bring.

If you recognise the harm your ancestors have caused and how it still shows up today.

We can only heal together. 

You can learn from us how to gather and be in community. Find refuge.

Before you say refugees welcome and give refuge, learn to find refuge.

Giving us access to integration courses to learn your language is important but it still is not a healthy integration if you do not learn to commune and communicate with us.

To speak the same language requires also listening to understand. 

Appreciate not appropriate.

Learn that intention is not the same as impact.

wishing our kids become friends is beautiful and needed for the future. why not start by being friends first. when parents start becoming friends and making and effort to understand each others culture then the kids will automatically learn to be in community.

Building a community based on accountability and care is a healthy integration process.

welcoming someone to your home is great but are you ready to welcome us to your inner circle. to share privilege.

We do not just add colour to your world we also add resilience.  


Born in Bombay. Living in Berlin. Yoga teacher. Social Change warrior. Performer. Yoga for personal and social change. Personal is political.

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