Today is Totensonntag here in Germany. A Religious holiday commemorating the departed. 

It made me think of the Shraadha a ceremony that was annually performed at my uncles place for my grandfather and grandmother.

I remember the chanting and the rituals that the priest would perform. The Agni. (Fire.) Appeasing the fire that would transmit the offering to our beloved ancestors. The rice balls that would be made as offering for the crows. Even though I didn’t know details about what it all meant I remember feeling connected and happy that we were all together my mom, my aunts and uncles and cousins remembering my grandfather and grandmother who I never met but heard many stories about. 

The food that was cooked specially for this day. Eating on banana leaf together with my family. 

On 18.10 I had an unfortunate bicycle accident with a serious head injury and brain and head surgery.

After I was released from the hospital when I showed the release report to my dr I was told how lucky I am. This is a sentence I hear every time I show the reports to any dr.

As I still or understand what that means I am also thinking about my Ancestors. My grandmother who died giving birth to her 6th child. My mother who died after a mild stroke and was not able to heal. Who were not so lucky may be. 

I am able to see my luck to be healing and have the treatment and access to everthing that actually makes me continue with my life almost like nothing happened. 

My grandfather and father also did not have probably this luck.

And today I make these 3 rice balls in honour of my ancestors.

Dad, mom, Grandmother
Rice Linda
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