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Social Justice Warrior

Sangeeta Lerner

My story

Born in 1979 in Bombay, India. Living in Berlin since 2013. Mother to two beautiful children and a curious cat.  Yoga is and has always been an integral part of my life. Growing up in a South Indian family listening to Sanskrit chants in the mornings. Attending rituals at my uncles place was an important part of my childhood.

As a child I would ask many questions about happiness. Death. Purpose of life.

My mother was probably the first Yogi in my life. She never practiced Asana but was a Bhakti Yogi. Her faith (her temple had every god on the planet from every religion) she read Shlokas. Listened to them. She did not have an easy life but nothing could break her spirit. Even though she had nothing she gave generously. She was known to be the one who welcomes everyone in her tiny home.  She is the person who inspired me to seek happiness even when the situations were terrible.

My curiosity about suffering and happiness took me to my first Yoga school. Yoga has always helped me find peace within. It has taught me to look at life in a more wholistic way and take things one breath at a time. Accept the present. Understand suffering and move and act to change what is not right.

My own journey in the path of yoga, meditation and healing started in the late 90’s with teachers from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai. To me Yoga was yoga and I did not know there were different styles. My curiosity and ignorance took me on a journey as curious student learning from different schools and teachers (The Yoga Institute, Sivananda Ashram, Iyengar Yoga, Art of Living, Reiki, Viniyoga School in Berlin, Kundalini Yoga, Svastha Yoga Therapy, Birthlight Baby Yoga, Yoga for children, Ipsalu School of Tantra, Birthlover, Yoga Philosophy and Chikitsa (yoga therapy) with R. Sriram.  

All these teachings combined with my life experience contribute to who I am and what I teach today.

I will forever be a student and share the teachings with respect to its roots

Yoga in Neukölln

My learnings

why join me

Yoga is beyond Asana. Yoga means unity. Unity of body, breath & mind. Unity with your inner wisdom. Unity with yourself & your surrounding. Nature, neighbours, society & neighbourhood. Unity with the divine. 
Through my classes I  intend to create a safer space & a brave space where you can simple be, listen to your fears, desires & boundaries. Evolve spiritually, unite the body, breath & mind.My classes are open to all who wish to practice this ancient practice with respect to its origins. Yoga is not about being good or flexible. It is about accepting who you are everyday, accepting that we are human and striving to become better versions of us. 
Celebrate your body, train your mind and unlock the power of your breath. And in the process connect with the divine within.
Connect with others who share the space and journey with you. We walk this path together whenever you wish to start for yourself, whether it is to find strength in your body, stay fit or to connect with your inner wisdom. Yoga for yourself. During pregnancy or after with your baby. 
I encourage everyone who wishes to find a mindful practice that’s just right for them to say YA and try a class now. 

Where i Teach-

Yoga is for everyone and should be accessible for all. 

I teach at the Spree Hebammen praxis, Nogatstr 56 on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Wednesdays at the family centre in  Treptow (Free for participants)
Soon also at the Herrfurthplatz church again- Yoga for Every body. 

And a – Rest is resistance

(A brave space where we can allow ourselves to rest and resist our what capitalism has taught us)

Yoga is a way of life

I teach

Yoga Berlin

Yoga For You

Rückbildungyoga neukölln

Mindful Morning yoga- (Group class) Friday at 9.00

Yoga for you- Individual sessions

My yoga classes for adults are open to all individuals who wish to practice in a conscious & loving way. I believe the world is fast enough and yoga is time to slow down and listen.

Yoga For Women

Schwangeren Yoga Neukölln

Pregnancy Yoga & Post-Natal Yoga

Preparing the body, mind and soul for a beautiful birth.
The post natal class help mothers strengthen their core & pelvic floor muscles. Make room for connecting with your new self and other mothers.
As a mother of two I cherish the sharing and learning that takes place in the class deeply.

Movement & Massage for Babys

Babymassage neukölln

Indian Babymassage &  Baby Love

Baby massage is deeply routed in Indian culture . It is a beautiful way to bond with your new born and is now even scientifically proven to help babies sleep and eat better and has positive influences on the baby’s development.
Baby Love is for babies above 12 weeks. An hour of bonding, exploring the body through movement combined with singing. Parents learn how they can carry their baby while taking care of their own body, different holds to calm the baby. 

Decolonize Yoga Workshop on Cultural Appropriation. Mentorship for Yoga Teachers

Babymassage neukölln

How do we practice Yoga with respect to it’s roots and as a practice for Liberation for all




Human connections.

I found home in a beautiful community space called Sari-Sari. Where I wasn’t put in any of these boxes ( Indian, Yoga teacher, Mother) and was allowed to be who I am and show many sides of me. And explore everything i wish to be.
Since then I have been creating space for others to feel comfortable, working on projects with the aim of bringing neighbours together, blending cultures, genders &  generations in Schillerkiez. Creating and holding space for everyone to discover and show themselves.  

Past projects

Kiez Kinder Karneval-  

A project with & for kids from Karl Weise Schule. Integrating Yoga, Dance, Theatre & Upcycling.  Guiding kids to discover body, breath, movement, themselves, the neighbourhood, Upcycling things, movement & ideas. 

Creating & Healing Chanting I Performing

Heart Chor

Heart Chor & Sodala

Sing like no one is listening & dance like nobody was watching.
This is what I have been learning as I first started to allow myself to sing & perform with heart chor & sari -sari’s social dance laboratory.
It is a journey which is helping me show myself. Speak my truth. Use my voice to heal myself and others.
Heal Ancestral trauma through sharing and story telling.

JEDI- Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

yoga ohne kulturelle aneignung

Yoga & Social Justice. Decolonising Yoga. 

Growing up in a lower middle class South-Indian family in India. Being the unwanted daughter who learnt to survive by becoming the boy her father wished for. 
Being the  dark skinned girl in a country where dark skin was not celebrated or beautiful . I have faced discrimination in many forms growing up in India and years later as an Indian woman in the Middle East and Germany.
My personal  experiences combined with the wisdom of Yoga help me understand and raise awareness about Racism, Ableism, Cultural Appropriation…
It inspires me to Stand-Up against it and create spaces for others to learn about this. I wish to create a dialogue and also face this discomfort that  racism and discrimination bring with it. 
Because turning this discomfort into acceptance helps us connect with our heart. 
Join me in decolonizing spaces. Decolonize Yoga. Understanding Cultural appropriation and finding ways to practice yoga as a  practice for liberation for all.  


Sangeeta lerner

Mittwoch- Freitag: 14 to 17 Uhr

Yoga in Neukölln Schwangeren Yoga Hatha Yoga Rückbildungs Yoga Baby Yoga Babymassage

Spree-hebammen Praxis

Nogatstr, 56 12051, Berlin